Lakshminath Bezboroa's other related facts

Lakhminath's Residence

Sahityarathi had lived in this resident when he stayed in Sivasagar. Everywhere of the house refects his memory. However the house is repaired some times. It is the original place where Lakhminath Bezbaroa used to spend most of his times. Not only Lakhminath but his descendent and their families also had lived here. His brother Binand Chandra Bezbaruah's grand son Prafulla Chandra was also brought up and spent his life here till his death.

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The place where Lakhminath used to read Bhagavat Gita every evening

There was a ritual in the family of Lakhminath bezbaroa that an elder person used to read Bhagavat Gita every evening. This was maintained generation after generation.
In the front varanda of the house Lakhminath Bezbaroa always used to read bhagwat in the evening. Still this place bears the memory of Lakhminath's bhagwat reading habits. Descendents of Lakhminath consider this place is as a very sacred place.

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The Cremetorium

The place where the bones and ashes of Lakhminath and his wife Pragyasundari Devi remained after cremating. Many sangathan and many individuals come to pay tribute to sahityarathi & his wife on his death anniversary

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